KAYSUN Casual Single Room Air Conditioning System for Heating and Cooling - 2.6kW to 7kW

The Casual range has been designed with value for money in mind. It is the entry level system in the Kaysun residential range but don't make the mistake in thinking that the quality has been compromised. There are some features on the Prodigy, Onnix, and Sensation that you won't find on the Casual (mostly install and design related), but if you are looking for a simple to control single room air conditioner that will efficiently heat and cool, the Casual is the perfect unit for you.

Installing your KAYSUN air conditioner

The Aircare team want to make air conditioning as accessible as possible to homeowners and DIYers, with the FGAS regulations in mind. We have made the copper pipe with the electrical cable, and the condensate pipe available as an option to add to your order. Most of our residential customers are looking to save money on sourcing the equipment themselves with intentions to install the hardware, either themselves or by the builder. You will need an FGAS engineer on standby to come and commission the unit once it is in place. Simply: 

  • Hang the indoor unit in the desired location
  • Place the outdoor unit
  • Route the pipework and inter-connecting electrical cable from the indoor to the outdoor
  • Consider if you need a pump for the condensate or whether you can go straight out through the wall via gravity drain. 
  • Have an Electrician provide the 240v power to the outdoor unit usually with a switch isolator 
  • Call your refrigeration Engineer to have them commission the unit for you (done from the outside).

Alternatively, you could have your Engineer completely fit the unit from start to finish, having saved a small fortune by sourcing the system from us. Don't worry we will make sure that you are buying the correct unit for the correct space if you need assistance. 

Size Options


Standard Control - KID-05.3 S

Drop Down Options Explained

We aim to make your project as easy as possible, and cater for every situation. Therefore, there are a number of optional extras available: 

  • Pipework - If you would like to install the air conditioning unit yourself (not releasing the gas), we have various pipe kits available. There are two small refrigerant copper pipes connecting the indoor to the outdoor unit, and an electrical communications cable. You will need to know the distance between the indoor and outdoor units to select the correct kit length.
  • Brackets - The brackets are available if you want to mount the outdoor unit on a wall.
  • Check box - The check box is simply there to ensure that you are aware that these systems need to be installed by an F-Gas certified engineer.  
  • Wifi Dongle - Control your unit via the smart app - FRIWF-USB-02 (Optional)


R32 Refrigerant - 

The Casual range works with ecological R32 refrigerant

Condensation Control -

Allows the unit to refrigerate, even at low outdoor temperatures

Low Sound Level -

New technological advances have allowed the level of sound produced by the indoor units to be reduced by up to 20 dB

Follow me - 

A feature which changes the operating mode based on the remote controlled temperature sensor with the aim of maintaining maximum comfort

Intelligent - 

This feature allows changing the operation parameters of the uit and extracting operation data

Smart Home - 

A feature that allows the user to control the air conditioning remotely via an app. Voice control is also available via Alexa and Google Home. 

Night Mode - 

A feature that reduces the sound level of the indoor unit for a more comfortable sleep

Turbo mode - 

This feature reaches the set temperature within a very short time.

Mute -

This function turns of all the alarm beepers on the indoor unit

Silent mode - 

Turns the fan down to the lowest setting to keep the noise level to a minimum

Automatic adjustment of the blades - 

This unit will auto position the louvres to the position that they were in when the unit was last on. 

8°C Heating - 

This feature will automatically bring the temperature up to 17°C if the room drops below 8°C

LED Display -

The indoor unit displays the information in a digital display panel. 

Standby -

80% lower standby energy consimption, only 1w consumption by the LED display.

Self Cleaning - 

An automatic feature of the indoor unit that cleans the filter to provide clean, fresh air every day. 

Refrigerant Control - 

A sensor on the outdoor unit and an alarm on the indoor unit display an alert if a refrigerant leak is detected. 


Please call the team on 03301656200 if you need any help with this product


Model KAY-CF 52 DR11/ KAE-C 52 DR11
Cooling Capacity 5.28 kW
Cooling Power Input 1550 W
Heating Capacity 5.57 kW
Heating Power Input 1570 W
Energy Efficiency Cold/Heat A++ / A+
Airflow (indoor) 540/680/840 m3/h
Sound Pressure (indoor) 20 dB(A)
Airflow (outdoor) 2100 m3/h
Sound Pressure (outdoor) 56 dB(A)
Power Supply 220-240 V / 1 / 50
Power Wiring (outdoor) (2+T)x1.50 mm
Communication Wiring  (4+T)x1.50 mm
Refrigerant Pipes 1/4" - 1/2"
Refrigerant Charge / Additional Charge 1.08 kg / 0.012 kg 
Max. Pipe Length 30 m
Max. Elevation 20 m
Indoor Dimensions (mm) 957 x 302 x 213 (W x H x D)
Indoor Weight 10 kg
Outdoor Dimensions 720 x 495 x 270 (W x H x D)
Outdoor Weight 23.7 kg


UK Stock Holder

We are the sole UK distributer for KAYSUN in the UK. We hold stock of all the popular units in the UK so that we can reduce the lead times down to, as quick as, next wroking day, with same day collection possible for urgent jobs. For larger orders delivery could take up to 5 working days. 

Familiar Logistics Companies

Smaller items are dispatched with DPD/Yodel on a next working day service. We will inform you that the item has been shipped, the courier will then send an update with the consignment information, and follow up the next morning with a 1 hour delivery slot. Should you not be available for whatever reason the courier have a number of convenience options to choose from.

Pallet Delivery

For slightly larger products the delivery will usually be scheduled in with you. Larger products such as split systems, multiple items, or larger evaporative coolers are palletised to ensure they arrive safely. Tracking for palletised deliveries is limited to a day slot but we will endeavour to make this as convenient as possible. We have limited control over 3rd party couriers but you should find the driver polite and accommodating.

We are here to help!

Please bear in mind that whilst we do everything we can to ensure a predictable service there are sometimes circumstances that are out of our control. If you experience any issues with your delivery please call the sales team on 03301656200 and they will do everything they can to help. 

Kaysun Quality

Kaysun Air Conditioning units are manufactured by the largest manufacturer of air conditioning units on the planet, and are amongst the most reliable in the industry. Kaysun units come with a standard 3 year warranty, extendable up to 5 years via our own Aircare warranty cover. Like all split air conditioning products the Kaysun units need to be installed and serviced by an F-Gas Engineer. 

The Warranty Process

At Aircare, we prioritise your satisfaction above all else. Rest assured that if you experience any issues with our products, we will do everything possible to resolve them over the phone. If further assistance is required we can put you in touch with a Kaysun technician. Please note, your installer may be required to issue a fault report. The necessary parts will be delivered to site for your Engineer to install as quickly as possible. 

We are here to help!

Whether a repair or replacement is necessary, we will handle it swiftly and seamlessly for you. We understand that warranty claims can be a significant hassle, which is why we strive to make the process as easy, prompt, and stress-free as possible. Your peace of mind is our top priority!

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KAYSUN Casual 5.2kW Single Room Split Air Conditioning System - with a 3m pipe kit

Sku: KAY-CF 52 DR11/ KAE-C 52 DR11

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  • Room sizes up to 125 square feet