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Love your home

Welcome to STIEBEL ELTRON. We show you how intelligent building services can improve your living comfort and offer you security of investment. After all, the future belongs to green energy and smart technology. And you can be sure that we will help to shape it sustainably.

Invest with confidence for the future

We have been optimising building services for our customers since 1924. That’s why your investments in our solutions will still pay off for you and enhance your living comfort in the future.

Domestic hot water

Our DHW appliances offer a unique level of convenience in kitchens and bathrooms. Instantaneous and small water heaters provide hot water in a highly efficient and decentralised manner. The DHW heat pumps use the heat yielded from indoor air to produce hot water. 


Our central integral ventilation systems offer hot water, room heating, ventilation and cooling in one, making them ideal for new build projects. Our decentralised ventilation systems are especially suitable for retrofitting and supplementing existing building services.


Our heat pump heating systems utilise renewable energy and are designed for applications of every kind. Of course, you’ll also find electric space heaters for heating individual rooms in our product range.


If you want to cool your home, we have a choice of local and installed air conditioning units for you. Or you might use one of our heat pumps with a cooling function. Whichever system you go for, green power is the best option.




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