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Electric Fan Heaters
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  1. Clarke Devil 7005 5kW Industrial Electric Fan Heater (400V)
    • Electrically powered producing a dry heat without condensation or odour that may be present with similar gas powered heaters
    • Features fan only plus high and low heat settings with adjustable thermostatic control
    • Thermal cut-out over heat protection
    • Strong steel construction with stand for increased stability
    • This product is fitted with a 16A rated 3-phase 5-pin connector
    • Supply: 400V/3ph – 16A, Max. Output: 5kW
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 340 x 368 x 487mm, Weight: 7.2kg
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Experience Quick Heating with Our Electric Fan Heaters- Aircare Appliances

The winter season increases our desire for warmth and comfort in our homes or workplaces. Electric fan heaters stand out among the several options available for their excellent heating capabilities and simplicity. They work on a simple yet effective principle. To spread warm air across a space, they use an electric heating element and a fan. Because of their size and portability option, they can be used in a variety of settings, from small rooms to offices or workshops. Aircare Appliances distinguishes itself in the market with an amazing array of electric fan heaters that are known for their superior quality, dependability, and unique design. We have acquired a reputation as an industry leader for providing high-quality heating solutions. 

Choose our electric fan heaters in the UK at the most affordable prices. Heaters are precision-crafted with high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-term performance. Every part of the brand's fan heaters, from their sleek and modern looks to their superior heating capabilities, demonstrates their commitment to perfection. The adaptability of Aircare's electric fan heaters is one of the advantages. Our heaters are effective at quickly and evenly distributing heat, providing a warm environment in minutes. 

Why Choose an Electric Fan Heater?

Efficient and Rapid Heating

Electric fan heaters have substantial advantages in terms of efficiency and heating speed. These devices use powerful fans to quickly transfer heat, resulting in a comfortable environment in a matter of moments. The efficiency stems from their capacity to convert electrical energy into heat quickly, making them suitable for quickly addressing temperature needs. This feature is especially useful in chilly weather. The customisable settings allow the user to personalise the temperature to their liking, delivering warmth as well as convenience. Undoubtedly, electric fan heaters in the UK have become a popular choice for their efficient and quick heating capabilities.

Versatility and Customisable Settings

Our heaters' flexibility is one of their most notable qualities. They have changeable settings that let the user personalise the temperatures to their liking. Because of this adaptability, users can select the appropriate level of warmth, accommodating diverse temperature conditions and individual comfort. The ability to modify heat output not only assures personalised comfort but also aids in energy optimisation, making our heaters efficient and cost-effective. Also compact and efficient, a small electric fan heater is ideal for personal heating. Visit our electric fan heaters catalogue page for the best small electric fan heaters at the best prices.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Our electric fan heaters are designed to be energy efficient. They provide a cost-effective heating solution by boosting heat production while minimising electricity use. This not only lowers users' electricity bills but also helps to ensure environmental sustainability by preserving energy resources. The focus on energy efficiency is consistent with our goal to provide products that help both consumers and the environment. Get the best electric fan heaters for sale from our online store. 

Cost Effectiveness

Our electric fan heaters are cost-effective in a variety of ways. Their initial purchase price is frequently cheaper than that of conventional heating systems, making them an inexpensive option for many customers. Furthermore, its energy efficiency leads to lower operating expenses over time. These heaters reduce energy waste by transforming all of the electricity they consume into heat, potentially leading to decreased utility bills. 

Safety Features

Our modern fan heaters in the UK are built with safety in mind. They frequently have numerous safety features like as overheat protection, tip-over switches, and cool-to-touch exteriors. These measures reduce the potential of accidents or damage, giving users peace of mind while using the heaters, especially in households with children or pets.

Embrace Energy-Efficient Heating Solutions from Aircare Appliances

Igenix IG9302 2kW Industrial Fan Heater

This electric fan heater has a stainless steel heating element that ensures effective heat generation. It has three heat settings (low, medium, and high) to satisfy a variety of heating requirements. The thermostat is changeable, allowing for exact temperature control and tailored comfort. It is safe for moisture-prone places, with an IP44 splash-proof rating, making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor spaces.

Igenix IG9301 3kW Drum Fan Heater

This electric heater has a strong stainless steel heating element that provides excellent warmth. Its programmable thermostat provides precise temperature control. With three settings—2000W, 3000W, and a 30W fan-only mode—it may meet a variety of heating requirements or serve only as a fan for ventilation. Furthermore, its IP24 classification offers protection against spills and moisture, making it perfect for use in bathrooms or damp environments.

Broughton Blue Giant FF3 3kw Portable Fan Heater - Includes Spigot for Ducting

This sturdy heater has a rugged and durable construction that ensures dependability in a variety of settings. Its thermostat dial allows for exact temperature control while responding to individual comfort preferences. Its ducting spigot allows for a variety of installation options, including heat distribution where needed. Furthermore, the over-temperature prevention feature improves safety by instantly shutting down the unit if it reaches dangerously high temperatures.

Broughton FFVH32 Blue Giant 18kw 400v Electric Fan Heater

This powerful heater has an outstanding 18kW heat output and 360-degree heat dispersion, ensuring comprehensive and efficient heat distribution throughout spaces. Its large airflow capacity of 2,300 m3/hr allows for speedy circulation and temperature adjustment. It provides flexible temperature management choices, with both integrated and remote thermostats, allowing customers to modify settings from a distance according to their preferences.

Our electric fan heaters are adaptable enough to be employed in a variety of situations. The category contains fan heaters appropriate for use in homes, workplaces, workshops, garages, and even outdoor areas such as covered patios or tents. Because of their versatility in various conditions, they are a useful heating option for a wide range of scenarios. Just use the filters on the left of the category to find the best fan heater for your situation.

PRO TIP – Start off by filtering either ‘commercial’ for heavy duty fans or ‘domestic’ for home use.

Moreover, Aircare Appliances has electric fan heaters that are essential for delivering efficient, portable, and safe heating options for indoor spaces. Their capacity to generate heat quickly, combined with their simplicity and variety of features, makes them vital equipment for sustaining comfort during colder seasons or in places where centralised heating systems may be insufficient. Contact us today!

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