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Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers
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Transform Your Living Spaces with Our Wall-Mounted Dehumidifiers

Do you want to breathe clean, dry air and keep humidity levels in check without compromising floor space? If so, a wall-mounted dehumidifier is the perfect solution for you! At Aircare Appliances, we offer a range of wall-mounted dehumidifiers in the UK that will help you maintain a healthy working environment.

Our wall-mounted dehumidifiers, including our reliable wall mounted commercial dehumidifier options, are built to last and are energy efficient, banishing concerns over high electricity bills. They come equipped with a range of features, such as automatic shut-off, humidity sensors, and easy-to-clean filters, making them easy to use and maintain.

Wall Mounting a Dehumidifier for Efficiency Benefits

Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are efficient for several reasons, which contribute to their effectiveness in managing indoor humidity levels:

Optimal Air Circulation: Wall-mounted units can potentially facilitate better air circulation. Being elevated, they can more effectively draw in moist air and circulate dry air throughout the room.

Targeted Dehumidification: They can be placed strategically in areas where humidity levels are highest, such as kitchens or bathrooms, for targeted moisture control.

Permanent Installation: Unlike portable units that may be moved or obstructed, wall-mounted dehumidifiers are fixed in place, which can ensure consistent operation and dehumidification.

Reduced Obstructions: Since they are off the ground, they are less likely to be blocked by furniture or other objects, which can obstruct airflow and reduce efficiency in portable units.

Energy Efficiency: Many wall-mounted dehumidifiers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, using less power than larger, portable units to maintain the same level of humidity control.

Advanced Features: They often come with features like humidity sensors, timers, and automatic shut-off that help maintain desired humidity levels without continuous manual adjustment, further improving their efficiency.

Aesthetic Integration: Wall-mounted models can be designed to blend into the decor more seamlessly than portable units, which means they are less likely to be moved around or covered up, allowing them to operate more efficiently.

Continuous Drainage Options: Some wall-mounted dehumidifiers offer continuous drainage options, which eliminates the need for manual emptying of the water collection reservoir, ensuring the dehumidifier operates without interruption.

Less Noise Disruption: Wall-mounted units can be quieter than their portable counterparts, meaning they can run continuously without causing noise disturbances, which might otherwise lead to them being turned off periodically.

In essence, wall-mounted dehumidifiers combine functionality with efficiency, providing an effective solution for humidity control without taking up valuable living space or requiring frequent maintenance.

Why Choose Our Wall-Mounted Dehumidifiers?


Wall mounted dehumidifiers save floor space, which is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms or areas where floor space is at a premium. By mounting on the wall, these units optimize your living space, allowing you the freedom to arrange furniture and décor with ease. Experience a modern touch of sophistication while enjoying the benefits of a dehumidified environment.

Whisper-Quiet Operation:

Peace and tranquility are essential elements of a comfortable living space. Our wall-mounted dehumidifiers operate with quietly, ensuring that you can completely enjoy the serenity of your home. Whether you're working from home, unwinding after a long day, or catching up on much-needed sleep, our units provide effective moisture control, minimising disruptive noise.

Efficient Moisture Removal:

Combatting mould, mildew, and musty odours is our speciality. Our wall-mounted dehumidifiers boast industry-leading moisture removal rates, actively creating an environment that promotes health and comfort. Say goodbye to the challenges posed by excess humidity and hello to a home that feels fresh, inviting, and conducive to well-being.

Key Features:

Smart Humidity Control:

Our wall-mounted dehumidifiers automatically adjust their settings to maintain an ideal humidity level, ensuring consistent comfort, thanks to their intelligent humidity sensors.

Energy-Efficient Technology:

Save on energy costs with our energy-efficient models. The latest technology ensures optimal performance while keeping your electricity bills in check.

User-Friendly Interface:

Easily control and monitor your dehumidifier with our user-friendly interfaces. Adjust settings, check humidity levels, and set timers effortlessly.

Installation Made Simple:

Our wall-mounted dehumidifiers are designed for hassle-free installation. Our easy-to-follow installation guides make the process straightforward, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation.

Versatility in Application:

Experience versatility in any space – living room, bedroom, basement, or office. Our wall-mount dehumidifiers, including the compact and efficient small wall-mounted dehumidifier, seamlessly blend into any environment. Bid farewell to dampness and welcome a healthier living space.

Invest in Your Well-Being:

At AirCare Appliances, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and healthy home environment. Our wall-mounted dehumidifiers for home are an investment in your well-being, ensuring that you and your loved ones can breathe easily in a space free from excess moisture.

Common Applications for a Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Residential Spaces:

  • Bathrooms and showers where humidity is high due to steam.
  • Kitchens to handle excess moisture from cooking and washing.
  • Basements, cellars, and crawl spaces that are prone to dampness.
  • Laundry rooms where dryers may not be vented to the outside.
  • Indoor pool areas and spa rooms to prevent mold and condensation.
  • Storage spaces where goods can be damaged by moisture.

Commercial and Industrial Settings:

  • Swimming pools and gymnasiums to protect the structure from chlorine-induced corrosion and prevent mold.
  • Warehouses and storage facilities to preserve merchandise and prevent mildew and rust.
  • Production areas, especially where food or pharmaceuticals are manufactured, to ensure product quality and safety.
  • Server rooms and data centres to prevent corrosion of electronic components.
  • Archives and museums to preserve artifacts and documents that can be damaged by high humidity levels.
  • Greenhouses where precise moisture control is required for optimal plant growth.

Healthcare Facilities:

  • Hospitals and clinics to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses which can thrive in humid conditions.
  • Laboratories to protect sensitive equipment and ensure the accuracy of experiments and measurements.

Hospitality Industry:

  • Hotels and resorts, particularly in rooms with jacuzzis or indoor pools.
  • Conference centers to maintain comfort for attendees and protect AV equipment.

Educational Institutions:

  • School gymnasiums and locker rooms to prevent odors and structural damage.
  • University archives and libraries to protect books and materials.

Marine Environments:

  • On boats or in marinas to combat the naturally high humidity levels and saltwater exposure.

Transportation Hubs and Vehicles:

  • In transit areas like subway stations and bus depots where, large crowds can contribute to increased humidity.
  • In RVs and mobile homes to manage moisture levels while in use or during storage.
  • The effectiveness of wall-mounted dehumidifiers in these environments lies in their ability to maintain a controlled humidity level, thereby preventing the growth of mold and mildew, protecting structural integrity, preserving the condition of stored items, and providing a comfortable environment for occupants.

Order Your Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier Today:

Don't let excess humidity compromise your comfort. Explore our range of wall-mounted dehumidifiers and take the first step toward a healthier and more enjoyable living space. Trust AirCare Appliances to bring innovation and reliability into your home.

Breathe easy with AirCare Appliances - Your Partner in Comfort.

Explore Our Desiccant Dehumidifier Range

Ecor Pro DH800 DryFan 8 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier + Free 1m Duct - 220v

Discover the power of the Ecor Pro DH800 DryFan, an 8-litre desiccant dehumidifier designed for optimal efficiency.

Waterless Operation:

The Ecor Pro desiccant range excels in water management, venting moisture away as water vapour. Enjoy the benefits of an 8L extraction equivalent to a compressor with the discretion of a unit that operates almost unnoticed at 18 degrees C. Our selection also includes specialized options like the effective wall-mounted bathroom dehumidifier in the UK for targeted moisture control in specific spaces.

Compact Design:

As the smallest 8-litre dehumidifier on the market, the DH800 ensures powerful performance without compromising on space. Fit it seamlessly into any room, optimizing your living areas.

Dust Filter:

Maintain air quality effortlessly with a simple reticulated dust filter in a metal frame. Shake it clean or replace it to stop dust from getting inside the device.

Easy Repair:

We've prioritized user-friendly maintenance. The easy-to-remove cover allows quick access to replace cord sets or worn parts by a qualified person, extending the lifetime of your dehumidifier.

Humidistat Connection:

Take control of humidity levels with both an internal humidistat and the option to attach an external one for remote use. Conceal the unit while still controlling the atmosphere seamlessly with a jack plug connector.

Ecor Pro DH1200 INOX 12 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier 230v

Uncover the capabilities of the Ecor Pro DH1200 INOX, a 12-litre desiccant dehumidifier designed to be a permanent, hands-off solution for humidity management. In stainless steel, it is ideal for harsh environments.

Efficient Water Venting:

Moisture is vented away as water vapour, offering a 12L extraction equivalent to a 40L compressor model at 20 degrees C, while maintaining discreet operation.

Compact Design:

As the smallest 12-litre desiccant dehumidifier on the market, the DH1200 combines powerful extraction with a space-saving footprint, ensuring it goes unnoticed in your living space.

Dust Filter:

Enjoy clean air with a reticulated dust filter in a metal frame. You can easily shake it clean or replace it to stop dust from entering the machine.

Easy Repair:

Maintenance is a breeze with an easily removable cover that grants quick access for replacing cord sets or worn parts by a qualified person, ensuring a prolonged lifespan.

Humidistat Connection:

Take charge of your indoor environment with both an internal humidistat and the option to attach an external one for remote control. Seamlessly control humidity levels with a jack plug connector.

Ecor Pro DH3500 INOX 45 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier 230v

For a more industrial option, the industrial-grade capabilities of the Ecor Pro DH3500 INOX or DH3500 DryFan are ideal. A 45-litre stainless steel desiccant dehumidifier designed for robust performance.

Versatile Power Supply:

With a stainless steel 220V supply (50Hz), this unit can run off a 12V DC-220V AC converter or a 110V to 220V transformer. Auto power reset ensures continuous operation even after power supply interruptions.

Efficient Water Management:

This commercial desiccant dehumidifier, which operates from -20 °C to 40°C for continuous drying applications, has a maximum water removal capacity of 45 litres and uses "4-hole" technology.

Highly Efficient Design:

Featuring a 380 m3/hr air volume capacity, very quiet fan operation, and low energy consumption, this industrial dehumidifier is ideal for flood drying, building maintenance, and storage.

No Water Produced:

Moisture is vented away, even upwards, making it suitable for a range of applications. The DH3500 operates 24/7, drying even down to -20°C/-4°F and up to 40°C/104°F.

Explore our desiccant dehumidifier range today and revolutionize your approach to moisture control. Trust Ecor Pro for unmatched efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

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