Welsch 1.5m Hose Kit to Suit the WEL-SC14 - comes with Spigot Connector

Simple, easy to install, and allows the following setup configurations for the WELSC14: 

Maximum Utility Design

The WELSC14 has been cleverly designed to offer you the best utility. There are various ways that this unit can be set up:

  1. The Conventional Way - Have the unit stood in the room and place the hose out of the window to evacuate the heat
  2. Cold Air Ducted in - If you struggle with the noise of a fan you can stand the unit outside of a room and duct the cold air in to the room by attaching the hose to the cooling side. Please bear in mind that if the unit is set up in this way, the room that it is stood in will become warmer. Best practise is to keep the area the unit is stood in well ventilated (open a window), or set up the second hose on the hot side and place it out of the window. 
  3. Spot cooling/drying - Usually more for commercial customers, it is common to see both hoses attached to the unit to manage the hot and cold air. For example, if you need to cool down a server rack it is possible to direct the cold air up through the rack, and vent the hot air out of the room or in to a roof space using the hot air duct. Another example would be members of staff in say, a warehouse who needed to be cooled down at their station. It is possible to direct the airflow at the staff with the cold end, and move the heat up in to the rafters with the hot air duct.   

For any more information regarding this product, or for any other enquiries, please call our team on 0330 1656 200

Product WELSC14-KIT
Length 1.5m
Diameter 150mm
Spigot Included Yes

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WELSCH 1.5m Hose Kit to Suit the WEL-SC14 - comes with Spigot Connector


Why buy me?

  • 150mm In Diameter
  • 1.5m Length
  • Spigot Connector Included
  • Easy to Install to the WELSC14