Powrmatic Vision 2.6DW

The Powrmatic Vision Range is a well structured heat pump air conditioner which has been perfectly designed to provide style and simplicity for any type of room and is not required to have an outdoor condenser. The unit provides new techniques and technology to accurately follow the curves of the design, through to the tasteful rounded corners. The Vision unit's smooth, glossy white PPC finish flatters any room decor and design.

WiFi Enabled Control

With the easy to use app, you are able to control the current temperature via the settings which allows the user to change the temperature, adjust the fan speed, and change the air flow direction with the touch of a button.

Using a hotel as an example, you can activate, control and deactivate each unit in every room. The unit can prepare a guest room before they arrive to ensure the guests feel immediately comfortable. When the room is unoccupied, check the unit is switched off to save energy consumption.

Retro-Fit Installation

The Vision unit can be retrofitted into many applications where a current A/C system is. With this comes no requirement for an outdoor condenser or unnecessary pipework, meaning upgrading an existing split air conditioning system is straightforward.


Cooling Capacity  2.04 kW
Cooling Capacity - Dual Power Max/Min  2.64/0.8
Heating Capacity 2.10 kW
Heating Capacity - Dual Power Max/Min 2.64/0.7 kW
Power Input In Cooling 630 W
Power Input In Heating 638 W
Dehumidification Capacity 0.8 l/h
Power Supply Voltage 230/1/50 V-F-Hz
EER 3.24 W/W
COP 3.29 W/W
Energy Efficiency Ratio When Cooling A+
Energy Efficiency Ratio When Heating A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1010 x 549 x 165 mm
Weight 48.5 Kg
Nominal Sound Pressure Level (Min/Max) 26/39 dB(A)
Max Noise Level On High @ 1m Distance 56 dB(A)
Wall Hole Diameter/Condensate Drain 162/18 mm
Distance Between Holes In Wall 293 mm
Refrigerant Gas R410A




Safe, Convenient, and Reliable

For slightly larger products the delivery will usually be scheduled in with you. Powrmatic prefer to use their in house delivery service for a better overall delivery experience. You will find the driver knowledgable and accomodating.

The logistics team will make every effort to make it convenient for the customer and the item is sure to arrive in perfect condition. Powrmatic products are 'off the shelf' and not made to order with long lead times. Delivery would usually occur within 2-3 working days.   



Powrmatic Reliability

In the rare event that a Powrmatic product is suspected of being faulty, our skilled technical team is readily available to assist with troubleshooting. Based on our records, 90% of issues are quickly resolved over the phone. For more complex faults, a site visit may be necessary, or Powrmatic may determine that the product needs to be replaced. Rest assured, every Powrmatic product is backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

Our Promise to You!

We are aware that any warranty process is inconvenient, and we are dedicated to making this as painless as possible. We find that communication is the key, you will be kept informed at every step of the way until you have a working product delivered back to you.  

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Powrmatic Vision 3.1 DW Inverter Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

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  • No Outdoor Condenser Required for Unit
  • Wifi Controlled, Touch Screen, Remote Control
  • Energy Efficient