iPAC-40 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Heatpump with Wifi and Remote Control

The iPAC range of stand-alone, light commercial portable air conditioning units are a great option for a flexible cooling and heating solution with WIFI control.

Industrial Portable AC– Simple to Use – Convenient

Ideal For: 

  • Warehouses, Workshops & Factories
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hospitals & Laboratories
  • Emergency cooling & server rooms
  • Marquee events
  • Temporary office cooling
  • Equipment spot cooling
  • Military use, tents, aircraft hangars

Easy Setup

Two ducted exhaust hoses are included in the kit as standard to vent the hot air to the outside of the building along with an adjustable window mounting panel for a quick and easy set up.

Maximum Utility Design

The iPAC-40 has been cleverly designed to offer you the best utility. There are various ways that this unit can be set up:

  1. The Conventional Way - Have the unit stood in the room and place the hose out of the window to evacuate the heat
  2. Cold Air Ducted in - If you struggle with the noise of a fan you can stand the unit outside of a room and duct the cold air in to the room by attaching the hose to the cooling side. Please bear in mind that if the unit is set up in this way, the room that it is stood in will become warmer. Best practice is to keep the area the unit is stood in well ventilated (open a window), or set up the second hose on the hot side and place it out of the window. 
  3. Spot cooling/drying - Usually more for commercial customers, it is common to see both hoses attached to the unit to manage the hot and cold air. For example, if you need to cool down a server rack it is possible to direct the cold air up through the rack, and vent the hot air out of the room or in to a roof space using the hot air duct. Another example would be members of staff in say, a warehouse who needed to be cooled down at their station. It is possible to direct the airflow at the staff with the cold end, and move the heat up in to the rafters with the hot air duct.   

Comfort and Space Saving

The iPAC-40 provides effective cooling for spaces up to 100 square meters with a powerful 14,000 BTU rating and 70 litre dehumidifying capacity per day. One of the features setting the iPAC-40 portable air conditioning unit apart from conventional models is the unit’s ability to tuck right up to a wall from its side, dramatically reducing its footprint in a room.

Evaporative Technology

The iPAC-40 portable air conditioning units benefit from an automatic inbuilt water wheel and can condense the water out with the exhaust air, so there is generally no need to empty the water tank (except in extremely humid conditions).

For any more information regarding this product, or for any other enquiries, please call our team on 0330 1656 200

Model IPAC-40
Control Electric
Power source 220-240V/50Hz
Cooling capacity (KW) 4
Cooling capacity (BTU) 14000
Heating capacity (KW) 4
Heating capacity (BTU) 14000
Moisture removed (L / Day) 70
power consumption(w) 1700w
current (A) 7.6
Air volume (m³/h) 450
Noise (dBA) 65
Timer setting 0-24hrs
Package (Brown box) 1 unit/ carton box
Unit dimensions (mm) 505*300*778
Packing dimensions (mm) 550*330*815
Net weight /Gross weight (kg) 32.5 /34.5
pipe length(extended) 1.4-1.5m
Window kit(0.53mX2) YES

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Delivered Safely

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iPAC-40 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Heat Pump with Wifi and Remote Control

Sku: iPAC-40

Why buy me?

  • Versatile Unit that can Heat, Cool and Dehumidify the room
  • Equipped with a Self Evaporating System
  • Automatically stops filling the Water Tank when full
  • LED remote control included