Ecor Pro DH2500 INOX DryFan 35L Stainless Steel Desiccant Dehumidifier 230v

This dehumidifier is a tough, industrial unit designed to be used almost anywhere that dry air is required. Desiccant/Absorption dehumidifiers are especially suited to applications where low relative humidities are needed and they work well over a wide temperature range. A 220V supply that runs on a 12V DC-220V AC converter or 110V to 220V transformer. This cutting-edge technology includes an automatic power reset in case of interruptions. Specifically designed for commercial use, this 3-hole desiccant dehumidifier has a maximum water removal capacity of 35 litres. Suitable for continuous drying applications, it operates in temperatures from -20°C to 40°C. With an air volume capacity of 380 m3/hr, this device offers efficient and quiet fan operation while consuming low energy. Experience large-scale moisture extraction with ease. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a 56dB Process air system.


Ideal for Flood Drying, Building Maintenance & Storage.

35 litre Desiccant Dehumidifier 220V / 50Hz.

Ecor Pro

Free Standing or Installed.

Industrial dehumidifier DH2500 steel construction with tough epoxy paint finish.Very small for its 45 litre capacity. Will dry 24/7 and dry even down to -20°C/-4°F. Can work up to 40°C/104°F.

Steel Inside & Out.Tough Enough Even for Hiring or Restoration.

Can be carried by one person and transported easily with the carrying handles.Self regulating energy usage that adapts to air pressure differences using always the right amount of power to dry effectively.

3 Hole Dehumidifier.

Ecor Pro

Input process air is dust filtered & dried. Input air can be ducted in & out with a 125mm / 5″ duct. Wet air exhaust is 80mm / 3″ duct. Thus, Ecor Pro’s research shows that the DH2500 will be four to seven times faster at drying buildings at low temperatures than a traditional compressor dehumidifiers.


Your desiccant dehumidifier removes moisture using a continuously rotating moisture absorbing wheel.A highly efficient yet low noise fan draws air into the unit (Process Air In) and forces it through a portion of the absorbent rotor. As the air passes through the rotor, the honeycomb of hygroscopic membranes absorb almost all of the moisture creating an extremely dry air stream.  Most of this air stream is discharged directly through the ‘Dry Air Out' duct however, a portion of this air (Regen Air) is separated and directed through a heater bank (Regen Heater) where it’s temperature is raised. This air is then channelled back through a section of the rotor. As this air passes back through the membranes, its higher temperature drives-out the previously absorbed moisture and discharges it as warm wet air through the ‘Wet Air Out’ duct.As the wheel rotates, this process of collecting and discharging moisture is continuous.

Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 56 x 35.2 x 34.5 cm
(L x W x H) - (Weight) 17.52" x 13.86" x 13.58" - 38.58 Lbs
Technology Desiccant
Max Extraction 35L (74pt)
Power/Plug 900w,220v,50Hz,3.5A/Yes BS
Barcode UK EAN 5060224951071
Colour/Material Stainless Steel
Duct Sizes 80mm (3.0")-125mm (5")
Swimming Pool Ready No
Humidistat Inside/Humidistat Option


Carry Handle/Water Container/Power Cord Length Yes/No/5m
Fan Speeds/Sound 1/56dB
Operating Temp Minus 20ºc - plus 40ºc
Power Out Restart/Works From DC-AC Coverter  Yes/Yes
Airflow M3/Hr 380 process/75 exhaust
Approval CE

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Ecor Pro DH2500 INOX 35 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier 230v

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Why buy me?

  • Can be free standing or installed
  • Ideal for restoration, sea vessels and catering
  • Moisture expelled as vapour
  • Marine grade stainless steel
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