The Fral Blizzard FSC25 Portable Air Conditioner

The Fral Blizzard FSC25 Portable Air Conditioner is a robust and powerful cooling solution designed for various industrial and commercial applications. Here are some key features and specifications highlighted:

Cooling Capacity

With a 7kW cooling capacity, this spot cooler is capable of efficiently cooling server rooms, production areas, and workplaces where large amounts of cooling are required.

High Airflow

The unit boasts a maximum airflow of 3000 m3/hr, ensuring effective cooling even in larger spaces.

Power Supply

Operating on a 13amp 240V single-phase supply, the Fral Blizzard FSC25 offers convenient compatibility with standard electrical systems.

Durable Construction

Manufactured in Italy using high-quality materials, including sturdy galvanised steel, the unit is built to withstand harsh environments and ensure longevity.

Flexible Ducting

Designed to work with up to nine meters of 305mm exhaust hose ducting, offering flexibility in installation and positioning.

Temperature Regulation

Equipped with a built-in thermostat, the unit can regulate indoor air temperature down to 15°C, ensuring precise climate control.

Adjustable Airflow

Featuring a two-speed fan and twin flexible directional cold air outlets, the Fral Blizzard FSC25 allows users to direct cool air precisely where needed.

Easy Installation and Mobility

The portable air conditioner is easy to install and start up, thanks to its freestanding design and robust wheels, allowing for effortless mobility between different areas.

Maintenance Accessibility

The removable panels enable quick inspection and maintenance of internal parts, ensuring hassle-free upkeep.

Optional Accessories

While twin cold air ducts come standard with the unit, exhaust ducting is available as an optional accessory for added convenience. Additionally, extension hoses can be added to increase the length of the exhaust as needed.

Overall, the Fral Blizzard FSC25 Portable Air Conditioner offers reliable and efficient cooling performance for various industrial and commercial settings, making it an ideal solution for cooling critical environments such as computer rooms, offices, factories, laboratories, and more.

Included Accessories:

  • Twin Cold Air Ducts: Provided as standard with the air conditioner to facilitate efficient distribution of cooled air within the space.

Optional Accessories:

  • Exhaust Ducting: Not included with the unit but available as an optional accessory. This ducting is essential for expelling hot air generated by the air conditioner to the outside environment.
  • 2m Reducer Hose: Required as a standard accessory for connecting the exhaust ducting to the air conditioner.
  • Blizzard 2m Extension Hose: Optional extension hoses can be added to the Reducer Hose to increase the length of the exhaust ducting as needed. This flexibility allows for customized installation according to specific requirements.
Cooling Capacity 7.3kw / 25,000Btu/hr
Weight 85kg
H x W x D 125 x 50 x 62cm
Suitable Area 60m2
Operating Range 15 -32°C
Noise Rating 55dba
Optional Reducing Hose Diameter 405mm to 305mm / 16 in to 12 in
Optional Extension Hose Diameter 305mm / 12 in
Tank Capacity 15l
Voltage 240V~50hZ

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The Fral Blizzard FSC25 Portable Air Conditioner

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Why buy me?

  • 7kW Cooling Capacity: Powerful portable air conditioning system designed for cooling various commercial and industrial spaces.
  • 15L Tank: The Blizzard portable air conditioner boasts one of the highest cooling capacities in its category and includes a 15-liter water reservoir.
  • Adjustable Air Delivery: Equipped with a two-speed fan and twin flexible directional cold air outlets, allowing precise airflow control.
  • Extendable Ducting: Comes with front directional flow cold air ducts as a standard feature, offering flexibility in directing airflow.
  • Built-in Digital Thermostat: Automatically activates or deactivates the unit based on preset environmental conditions.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame: Constructed from durable galvanized steel and coated with epoxy powder for enhanced resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Removable panels facilitate easy inspection and maintenance of internal components.
  • Washable Air Filter: Includes a washable polyurethane air filter for easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Microprocessor: Controls defrosting cycles, compressor timing, temperature regulation, and alarms, featuring step sequence control for efficient operation.
  • Castors: Mounted on robust wheels for effortless mobility, allowing for easy relocation and usage across different areas.
  • Optional Exhaust Ducting Available: This portable air conditioning unit can expel warm air up to 9m away. Exhaust ducting is not included as standard but is available as an optional accessory. The Blizzard unit requires a 2m Reducer Hose by default, and additional lengths of the Blizzard 2m Extension Hose can be added for extended exhaust length.
  • Automatic pump: Automatically removes and pumps away water, allowing uninterrupted operation of the unit.