Fral Avalanche FACSW22 Water-Cooled Split Portable Air Conditioner 230v 6.7kW

Highly effective 6.7kW split air conditioning system suitable for office spaces, data centers, and work environments, the Fral Avalanche FACSW22 Water Split Portable Air Conditioner is a robust cooling solution. Capable of cooling areas up to 55m2 with a maximum airflow of 1,500m3h, this portable unit is perfect for computer rooms, offices, medical facilities, portable structures, or hospitality settings. Operating on a standard 13amp power supply, it delivers impressive cooling performance.

The Fral Avalanche includes an external unit that can be positioned up to 30m away from the main unit using glycol fast connecting umbilical lines. Optional 20m and 30m umbilical lines are available.

Featuring a self-contained chilled water system, this portable air conditioner circulates water through a cooled condenser, absorbing heat before pumping it to the outdoor unit for cooling and recirculation.

Equipped with a built-in thermostat, the Fral Avalanche maintains indoor air temperature at the desired level and can operate as low as 10°C. A hot gas system aids in defrosting any ice formation on the evaporator.

Constructed with durable galvanised steel and epoxy powder paint, the Avalanche offers high resistance to environmental factors and is easily maintainable with removable panels for quick inspection.

Controlled by a microprocessor, the Avalanche manages defrosting cycles, compressor timing, temperature, and alarms. Its step sequence control enhances versatility, while quick connect couplings on water lines facilitate easy installation. Weighing just 110kg, it's one of the most versatile portable air conditioning units available.

Designed for rapid installation and start-up, the Avalanche requires only a 230v single-phase power supply. It can cool specific areas using the three-speed fan outlet at the front.

Optional accessories include 20m and 30m water line umbilical cords, which can be ordered separately.

Cooling Capacity (25°C 55% Indoor, 30°C Outdoor) 27kW / 92,000 BTU/h
Absorbed Power (25°C 55% Indoor, 30°C Outdoor) 9.5kW
Absorbed Current (25°C 55% Indoor, 30°C Outdoor) 22.8A
Fan Speed - Max speed 3,200m3/h
Fan Speed - Normal speed 2,700m3/h
Fan Speed - Low speed 2,500m3/h
Outdoor Unit Airflow 2 units x 2,700cm/h
Refrigerant R410a
Indoor Unit Noise (at 3m in free field) at max speed 59dB(A)
Indoor Unit Noise (at 3m in free field) at med speed 56dB(A)
Indoor Unit Noise (at 3m in free field) at min speed 54dB(A)
Outdoor Unit Noise (at 3m in free field) at max speed 52dB(A)
Maximum distance between the two units 30m
Voltage Available 380-400/3/50
Indoor Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) 1190 x 1840 x 560mm
Indoor Unit Weight 260kg
Indoor Unit Weight 930 x 895 x 641mm
Outdoor Unit Weight 2 x 35kg

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Fral Avalanche FACSW22 6.7kW Split Portable Water Cooled Air Conditioning Unit

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  • Cooling Capacity of 6.4kW
  • Split Air Conditioning System
  • Condensate Pump
  • Optional 20m & 30m Umbilical Lines
  • Built-in Digital Thermostat
  • Robust Steel Frame
  • Hot Gas Defrost.
  • Washable Air Filter
  • Microprocessor
  • Castors