EIPL BKool12 Portable Air Conditioner


Heat is a form of energy; cooling is means of transferring the heat from one object to another. In the case of Air conditioning, sensible heat is removed from the indoor space and replaced with cooler air, and the warm air removed is exhausted outside the space being conditioned. This process gradually reduces / maintains the inside temperature. Air Conditioning is most used to achieve a more comfortable interior environment, typically for humans or animals. However, air conditioning is also used to cool rooms filled with heat-producing electronic items, such as computer server rooms. Spot Coolers allow the cool air to be directed towards specific objects or people.


EIPL have for many years designed and manufactured bespoke Air conditioning systems for the Military and Rail markets. Customers include: - BAE Systems, Airbus, Alstom, Bombardier and many more. The key requirement when designing for these markets is robustness and reliability. This experience has now been used to develop a range of Spot Coolers aimed towards the commercial / Industrial markets.


The EIPL range of Bkool Spot coolers have been sized to provide cooling for all sized applications. All units are powered from a regular 230V domestic supply available in all properties. The self-contained, "plug and play" equipment allows easy installation, just connect a suitable duct to the outlet and position, preferable outside, alternatively outside the space to be cooled, connect to a suitable power source, and adjust the digital thermostat to the desired temperature. As the BKool Spot Cooler cools the air, moisture is also removed. This water is collected in the internal container, alternatively the container can be changed for a high-capacity internal condensate pump, allowing the unit to run for long periods unattended. Safety is always an important consideration with EIPL, therefore the BKool range incorporates both High- and Low-Pressure stats which prevent the unit from running in unsafe conditions. The large diameter robust castors allow the unit to be easily manoeuvred into positioned, and the brake applied to prevent movement during operation.



  Part Number
On/Off Control Y
Electronic Thermostat Y
Air inlet Filter Y
High Pressure Cut out Y
Low Pressure Cut out Y
Bucket Fitted/Full Switches Y
Castors Y
Ductable Warm Air Y
Flexible Directional Outlets Y
Condensate Pump Option O
Castors Y
Stoved Epoxy Finish Y
All Steel Construction Y
  Part Number
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EIPL BKool12 Portable Air Conditioner

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  • Air inlet Filter
  • Low/High Pressure Cutout
  • Flexible Directional Outlets
  • All Steel Construction