EcoAir Halo Tower Fan - Low Energy 2.8 Watt per hour

Halo DC Fan

EcoAir Halo is an energy saving tower fan with a low power consumption of 2.8 Watt per hour. The Halo Fan's digital display light switches off after a minute of two, this is perfect for bedroom use and helps save energy. The Halo gives a gentle, quiet breeze providing an optimum sleeping ambient. Whilst its a energy efficient fan, you can be surprised it can deliver high velocity and an amazingly ultra quiet performance.

Multiple-speed Settings Fan

Typically fans only come with 2 or 3 speed settings. The Halo however, delivers up to 12 speed settings. This range of speed settings not only allow you to exactly select the cooling mode, it can also be use to promote healthy air circulation.

Design Feature

There is also a multitude of wizardry like remote control, oscillation function, mode setting, on/ off timer, all accessible from the control panel or the full function remote controller. Auto Shutdown ( Energy Saver Function) the fan will turn off automatically within 12 hrs of last adjustment on the control panel.

Tower Fan Design

Stylish design and space saving, ideal for home and office. With tower fan design, Halo can cool the air faster when turning on the oscillation function. Halo fan does not only help to circulate cool indoor air in the summer, let them help to circulate your heated air during winter too!

Technical Specification Halo
Power Supply Ph-V-Hz 1| 220-240V 50HZ
Power Consumption Watt / hr 2.8W - 25W
Noise Level dB(A) 27 - 58
Wind Speed (Max) m/ min 148
Fan Speed Setting Type 12
Wind Volume m³/ min 14
Mode Setting (Steps) 4
Timer On/ Off
Remote Control YES
Oscillation Function Energy Saving YES
Adjustable Height (Min - Max) cm 120 - 126
Auto Shutdown - Energy Saver Function hr 12
Gross Weight Kg 9.2
Net Weight Kg 6.6
Net Dimension (W x H x D) mm 172 x 1205 x 172
Gross Dimension (W x H x D) mm 367 x 1245 x 254
warranty Year 1
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EcoAir Halo Tower Fan - Low Energy 2.8 Watt per hour


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EcoAir Halo Tower Fan - Low Energy 2.8 Watt per hour, 12 Speed Settings, 4 Operating Mode, Timer & Quiet (With Remote Control)